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Client: Partnerzona

Partnerzona is a web site for busy, successful people who have no time trying to meet people conventionally or who are running out of options in their current social circle. Working on the Partnerzona repositioning from free dating portal to a premium membership model, we were thinking of all the prejudices and judging that singles are surrounded by. We tried to express Partnerzona’s understanding and respecting of singles way of life and their emotional needs (rather than being pushy). We have created a new slogan ”We all need love” and developd a series of prints for newspapers and magazines featuring different persons and capturing reality of their lives.

”Mother is sending you to a therapist because you're still not married? Book an appointment, but for her!”

Production: LMO

Tomislav Može

”You're rarely seen with girls. You're always at work.”

”Living with a partner is great. But someone less hairy would also be useful.”

”You husband left you at the wedding anniversary. Thanks Goodness!”

”Your long term relationship is broken up. Yet, not everything is black...”