Project: Art Kino Croatia

Client: City of Rijeka

If you go to Rijeka, don't miss the most visited art-cinema in the region. We are very happy to hear that pensioners are regulars as well. Najlon was commissioned to work on visual identity and brand strategy. While developing visual identity we put focus on the global artistic character of the cinema.

AKC was to be open at the times when cinemas were dying in Croatia, while, at the same time there was the multiplex epidemic growth. We thought it took passion and self-confidence to do this. Therefore we came up with the line ”Proud to be antiplex” and created for Art-kino Croatia all sorts of voices having this line in mind. Project partner: Manufaktura

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Project: Jesper Juul Lecture

Client: Familylab Croatia

What if I say NO and my kid starts screaming? What if mom says NO and dad says YES? How to improve family relationships while respecting child's integrity? Organised by Familylab, famous Danish family therapist Jesper Juul hold a lecture in Zagreb in 2011, answering these questions to all interested parents. Najlon was in charge of poster communicating the lecture.

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Project: TV-campaign ”Carpe Diem”

Client: Danica@Podravka

The story of Podravka's ready-to-serve meals was written and produced to all those who won't give up the taste of home made meals, but also recognize the value of their leisure time. Thanks to Podravka's experienced chefs, ready-to-serve meals got their slogan in this campaign: ”Professionals cook for you”. 

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Project: 150 years of Badel 1862

Client: Digitel

Visual identity for 150th anniversary of Croatian wines and alcoholic beverages producer Badel 1862 (proposal).

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Project: Metropolis 

Client: Igor Geržina

Cover design for ”Metropolis” by Igor Geržina, released in 2012. ”One of the best new smooth-jazz album that you will buy in 2012!”, says Norman Lynch from Jazzmine Radio (UK) and WINR Jazz Radio (US).

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Client: Faculty of Educational and Rehabilitation Sciences, University in Zagreb

PATHS (Providing Alternative Thinking Strategies) is a prevention program whose purpose is to enhance the social competence and social understanding of children. PATHS is developed in USA and adapted at the Faculty of Educational and Rehabilitation Sciences to RASTEM (Razvijanje alternativnih strategija mišljenja). The program is designed to facilitate the development of self-control, emotional awareness, and interpersonal problem-solving skills (all that may benefit many adults, too). The program is in its pilot stage with the goal of entering Croatian curriculum. Najlon is included in developing visual identity and the program promotion.

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Project: Judgment Day 2011

Client: Cultural Offensive

For the second successive year, Judgment Day, Croatian Independent Festival of Creative Communications (Sudnji Dan) was organised on Octobar 1st at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. Together with other companies and individuals, Najlon participated in managing and organising the Festival on voluntary basis. We were in charge of overall communications, supervising creative direction and managing off-program, including Piss of Art exhibition.

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Project: Seat belt safety campaign

Client: AutoZubak

AutoZubak print campaign on seat belt safety awareness, supported by UNICEF Croatia.

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Project: Kadar 22

Client: Kadar 22

Kadar 22 is engaged in film and photography production. Working on logo we were inspired by the famous galloping horse set to motion using photos by Eadweard Muybridge. The work was published in LogoLounge book 6.

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Project: Lino Bear

Client: Podravka

In 2010 Najlon developed the concept and wrote the story for Lino, famous Croatian brand of baby food product from Podravka. Lino bear belongs to the memories of all those who spent their childhood in Croatia (or the neighbourhood), some of which don't give up Lino even as adults. In the story ”Approved by Mom”, after being drawn by little artist on the wall, Lino revived and jumped all over the apartment. Take a look... 

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