Project: Cho
: Najlon

T-shirt featuring Petar Čobanković, former Croatian Minister of agriculture, fishing and rural development.
Limited edition. © 2011, Branimir Lazanja

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Project: Sport Dimension

Client: Sport Dimension

Sport Dimension is a young Croatian company specialised in production and distribution of sport content. In most cases, it's about most popular ball games like football, handball, basketball... Since playing with balls, a circle becomes the basic element of their visual identity. 

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Project: bio&bio

Client: Biovega

Slogan ”Good Feeling”, logo redesign and poster for ecological products retailer bio&bio.

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Project: Luna

Client: Luks Studio

Art direction for Luna, Slovenian brand of organic home toiletries. Cooperation with Luks Studio.

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Project: Playroom

Client: Jupi

Playroom Jupi, name & visual identity.

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Project: The Man Under the Table

Client: Interflim

”The Man Under the Table” movie poster. Director: Neven Hitrec

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Project: Manufaktura

Client: Manufaktura

Visual identity of the marketing agency Manufaktura.

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Project: Don't trash your votes!

Client: Greens for Zagreb

This sticker was guerrilla for the Greens for Zagreb party at  local election in 2004.

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Project: WAUCS

Client: Najlon

Najlon founded The World Association of Under Construction Sites in 2007. It is a fake organization gathering companies or persons with web-pages ever under construction. Najlon was a WAUCS member from 2007 to 2011.

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Alma Čakmazović Branimira Lazanja