Art Kino Croatia

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Project: Art Kino Croatia

Client: City of Rijeka

If you go to Rijeka, don't miss the most visited art-cinema in the region. We are very happy to hear that pensioners are regulars as well. Najlon was commissioned to work on visual identity and brand strategy. While developing visual identity we put focus on the global artistic character of the cinema.

AKC was to be open at the times when cinemas were dying in Croatia, while, at the same time there was the multiplex epidemic growth. We thought it took passion and self-confidence to do this. Therefore we came up with the line ”Proud to be antiplex” and created for Art-kino Croatia all sorts of voices having this line in mind. Project partner: Manufaktura

”Here you can also watch trash.” 
The launch campaign production budget was zero. We were challenged to communicate using graphics but instead we did it ”the antiplex way”. We took some photos while visiting the cinema for the first time (see above). They were ment to be a reminder of Art-kino Croatia's look&feel. At the end, we have turned them to glossy-free ads and received some awards for them.

The cut eyed logo calls up a scene from a sixteen minute silent surrealist film produced by L. Buñuel and S. Dalí, Un Chien Andalou.

”Book our love seats!”

”3D seats on all shows!”

”The cinema in the shopping center.”

”Lobby before and after refurbishment.”

”Free snacks with tickets!”